The choice of solution for an online store with 1C

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Colleagues, I stand before a choice of system for an online store.
The main criterion for choosing — the most functional work with 1C of the box, simple refinement (PHP & etc...), as well as the portability of the template/theme (which would not have had too poking around in the code and to separate the wheat from the chaff).
Selected the following products: PHP Shop Script-Shop, Virtuemart, Simpla CMS. Again — not finally and ready to hear opinions.
The cost is not important, but within reason (within the value which is each of these scripts).
Thank you!

1C.8.1 Enterprise / Trade Management 10.3
The budget for "box" in the area of 25 thousand
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Why don't you look in the direction of Bitrix, if just need normal support for 1C out of the box?
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Suggest ShopScript
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Which version of 1C and configuration? What is the project budget?
The difference PHPShop handler from the rest can be viewed here. Complex issues on synchronization of 1C and an online store, you can ask me in PM.
It is best to take each script is a test version and drive to represent the whole picture of possibilities.
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Good day!

There is a ready solution 1C for online stores, established in many enterprises.
It will give You the following features:

- Accounting client base and the history of interaction (source, events, incoming and outgoing emails, SMS, phone calls, documents, etc.)
The sales ordering, invoicing and quotations
- Manage order status (New, Confirmed, Shipped, Delivered, etc.)
- Advanced exchange online store (updating balances on the site and download orders on-line, two-way exchange of order status, etc.)
- Integration with the Russian Post and EMS
- Integration with transport companies (SDEK, Yandex.Shipping, Boxberry, CSP and others)
- Managing automatic alerts customers by SMS and email
SMS and mailing list clients
- Import prices and stock suppliers, and the records in the database
- Integration with IP telephony and mobile devices
- Formation and analysis of the sales funnel
- And much more...

Read more here

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