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Sphinx: limit issue using REGEXP (or rules)

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The question arose - is it possible to limit the results using the regular season?
Example- "some ugly string TTX600MXP" or "Another string 700PX" or "Another string YYY2000".
Searched for "600". If I'm looking for in the mode "all equal on the right and the left" *600* get the results: 1600, 6001, ... and somewhere on the bottom what you need.
Is there a possibility on the side of the sphinx to look for [A-zА]600[A-zА] and issue "TTX600", "600W", "RPM600GHY". Ie the records in which the left or right of the numbers have the letters.

PS: the Documentation I read, but there is this question somehow not lit. English forums like suggest this software to solve, but when the results of a couple of thousand results, it's expensive.
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2 Answers

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The problem was solved by adding an extra column to the table on which the index is built.
In this column I write down all of the additional combinations.
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No, the Sphinx can't use regular expressions.
Is there a language of search queries but the regular season cannot be used

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