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Full SQL dump IBM DB2?

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The work had to deal with the work of ibm, namely db2 9.7...

Question: how to make a full dump of the database in db2, including structure, data, procedures and other logic? like to dump it all to a file, similar in structure to dump the MySQL? db2look only saves the structure, as I understand it.

And maybe someone has had to convert databases between mysql and db2, which product is to use and how it is working?
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1 Answer

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db2->mysql is a pain in the ass. and data better
I recreated the structure using sybase powerdesigner (there is a reverse enginering tools and RDMS convert from db2 to mysql).
If no db2 tables with blob/clob/text/xml, you can not sql-insert, and db2 export to "/path/to/file.txt" of del blablabla
a file with separator comma (and if there's a field with timestamp the export format dates need to ask)
in mysql it LOAD DATA
but it's a pain in the ass...

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