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Whether disingenuous in the face of Vkontakte Durov signing the "Treatment ... of responsibility for user content"

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We are talking about this treatment:

I want to ask your opinion. It seems to me that StumbleUpon wormed his way into the company of the signatory just want to shirk responsibility. Search engines don't store the content, they index it should therefore not be held responsible. Wikipedia is a non — profit organization and no benefit from the illegal content they can't get. Moreover, in principle it is created by enthusiasts who can do more useful things than checking the content. Therefore, to make them responsible is not logical.

But StumbleUpon still as interested in the fact that they had more illegal content — more visitors, more advertising watching. Therefore, they have such a useless diagram of the removal of content upon request by looking for the hash. It is clear that this is not a system solution.

What Vkontate not cope with the task of content filtering that's their problem. Somehow such giants as YouTube do it.

It seems to me that Vkontate signed exclusively to commercial interests, which somewhat devalues self-treatment.

You agree with me?
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No, in General they are right — keep track of all the content they can not.
It is clear that without content it will be worse, but that they do not get rid of the problem of search engines is the inability to moderate all content.

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