AdSence climbs into the wrong iframe

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The situation is simple — on the website a couple of frames and a pair of blocks AdSence
the manifestation of the first — Reklama AdSense is displayed in another block of AdSense.
the second manifestation of ad is shown in my iframe, spoiling my parade :P

As such perhaps — I don't know, is relatively rare, every 10-20 F5.
Manifested at different sites.
Googling showed that I am not alone, nor any decision or justification problems are found

Who faced?
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2 Answers

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1 - Scratched code AdSence, most likely he is doing some sort of bad document.write
2 - email them, let themselves be picked
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Had the same trouble in conjunction with disqus + AdSence. Put AdSence ads in the input field disqus (there ifram). Cured in this way: moved the disqus scripts to the bottom of the page for all calls AdSence. Try to replace the default code of Google (through document.write)
\r\rtry {\rvar pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-XXXXXX-X");\rpageTracker._trackPageview();\r} catch(err) {}

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