PS3 via AdHoc?

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Recently got a PS3. For the Internet connection required either wifi or power cord.

Unfortunately, at the moment, I have no way to have normal Internet at home and so I receive it via 3g network (the traffic I have is not limited to) using the iPhone 4. Using the iPhone you can create an AdHoc network to share Internet with other devices (e.g. laptops, iPads etc..). For some reason the PS3 refuses to find the AdHoc network. Further search on the Internet showed that only normal wireless network raspoznayutsya Ps3 to connect.

Has anybody had experience connecting Playstation 3 to Internet via AdHoc to bypass the restrictions of the firmware or may be in conjunction with a wireless router can create a normal home network with Internet access?

Thanks in advance.
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And for the iPhone there is no appliqués, allowing to organize on its base not AdHoc and normal AR? Like to Android 3G hotspot

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