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How to automatically get and modify the image link from the source code page?

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Please tell me how to get and modify the image link from the source code page? Preferably userscript for Opera.

Goal: photo of products, for example —

In your code, you can find the direct link to the image

If you change a setting ?hei=400 ?hei=2000 the picture is given to the maximum size example —

Attention, experts, a question :)

As this business to automate using userjs for Opera that, for example, next to a photo of the product appeared a link that would lead to the picture maximum size, so that it was convenient to keep?

Thank you all in advance!
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1 Answer

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And yet it is not... the JAVA Tag should be removed. So you want JS. And in fact: there is Jquery.
We hang up a script on the page and in it something like this scenario:
get the path pattern for the default item $("#backImageSjElement4_img").attr('src') to this element to store the first image loaded. Now from our src have to take aydishnik drawing all other attributes can be left as is... they're all drawings are the same. In your example,0.5,0,0 aydishnik — 5052341219998. Got the regular season our attribute. Now take and insert it into a new path which is the same for all changes only aydishnik —
""+our previously obtained aiding+"?hei=2000&wid=370&resmode=sharp&op_usm=1.1,0.5,0,0". Create our tag and throw him in the href of our way just created. throw tag, for example the Divin pattern where $("#SjElement3 div") is our dear Divina :) $("#div SjElement3").add(ourNewElement);
Well, in short, like described :) In fact JS simple so if you do not want to use JQUEry, write in the native the same thing :)

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