What and how in this situation to format the partition?

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There is a laptop on Windows 7.
Hard disk is divided into two sections.
One day, the second partition was formatted in NTFS system for linux.
Play a week with linux and scored.
Now it's time to return to the previous file system, but how to do it — don't know.
Bootable flash drive is lost.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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3 Answers

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As I understand Windows 7 on the first volume, still worth it? Why would something come up?
Is control Panel\\administrative tools\\computer Management\\disk Management can't format in NTFS?
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Download and record any multi-boot disk, which included a program of Patrition Magic. It is very functional and easy to use. If you have access to Windows, it is possible to set Patrition Magic or use the built-in control Panel\\System and security\\disk Management. Good luck!
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you can first formatnut to fat32 then Windows itself will formatet what is necessary, suitable and gparted live cd
but Gee as I understand it is necessary to restore the Windows? then Yes, only the boot disk, maybe on the laptop you have the opportunity to return to the factory OS, but on the screw it is necessary to have a section with the installation Windows.

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