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Where to find a lawyer on copyright?

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Hello, Gentlemen!

I would like to ask you advice about the following situation.
There is a project that deals that sells various designer training courses in electronic format, mostly users download them to yourself via the Internet (although delivery is possible on disks by mail). All data products are not, and foreign authors (mostly Russian).

You need very well to make the necessary documents, the contract that the author transfers me right to resell these products on the website at a specified price, the right use of text descriptions, reviews, photos to their courses, etc.
You also need to make a number of other documents relating to the copyright in these matters.

All documents should ideally be in the form of the public offer on the website, no need to meet with each author individually and sign personally with each of the cooperation agreement and the conditions.

If on Habre there are experts, please write to the PM.
If you can recommend specialized lawyers or offices, which have already worked or heard good reviews, will be grateful to you for that.

PS: budget.
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3 Answers

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If Ukraine — we can help.
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Yes, even directly on habré
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