The number of blind people in the CIS?

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I read an article about how to live blind programmers and saw the cost of the devices required to operate the computer. After some thought, had invented a device that would have a very large cost. Wanted to create a startup that would be involved in the production of such pieces (and in the future, and other pieces, useful for the disabled).

Is there someplace I can view the approximate number of blind people in the CIS? It is necessary to count the approximate number of buyers for your business plan.
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The world health organization warns that by 2020 the number of blind in the world could rise to 75 million. Now they are in the world there are 37 million, and another 124 million have very poor eyesight.

If the world of 6.82 billion people, and in the CIS 280млн
K1 = 37 mn / 6 820 million (ratio to the blind seer)
the number of blind people in the CIS = K1 * 280 million ≈ 1.5 million

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