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How to mount samsonovsky mp3 player in MacOS X 10.7.4?

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MacBook at point-blank refuses to recognize my old player Samsung YP-K3.

Disk Utility it as the device sees, but thinks it is unformatted.
In the folder /dev, the disk shows up (as /dev/disk3).

mount-t msdos /dev/disk3 ~/mydisk 

also does not work.

However, the device seems to be recognized as a drive:
$ diskutil info /dev/disk3 

Device Identifier: disk3
Device Node: /dev/disk3
Part of Whole: disk3
Device / Media Name: SAMSUNG YP-K3 Media

Volume Name:
Escaped with Unicode:

Mounted: No

File System Personality: MS-DOS FAT32
Type (Bundle): msdos
Name (User Visible): MS-DOS (FAT32)

Content (IOContent): None
OS Can Be Installed: No
Media Type: Generic
Protocol: USB
SMART Status: Not Supported

Total Size: 984.6 MB (984612864 Bytes) (exactly 1923072 512-Byte-Blocks)
Volume Free Space: 0 B (0 Bytes) (exactly 0 512-Byte-Blocks)
Device Block Size: 512 Bytes

Read-Only Media: No
Read-Only Volume: Not applicable (not mounted)
Ejectable: Yes

Whole: Yes
Internal: No
OS 9 Drivers: No
Low Level Format: Not supported

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3 Answers

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Did not work with maoxue, but still- maybe something wrong with the kernel module for the veil? Writing that he is in default delivery, but can not come? )
In the Internet found that kextstat shows a list of loaded kernel modules do you have there a driver for veil?
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Seems in place
\r$ kextstat | grep msdos
131 2 0xffffff7f80791000 0xc000 0xc000 (1.7.1) <7 5 4 1>

And with the usual flash drive (also fat32) works without problems.
I wonder, could it be that the player is "too slow" for usb ports in a MacBook?

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