Equipment selection for a small network relay wifi?

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Details under the cut, someone broke to read — highlight the main

There is a network topology is presented below, it works, but gradually an increasing number of glitches when knowingly changing conditions/loads. After unsuccessful attempts to get rid of the glitches first, check all settings, and then reconfigure all elements (disabling dhcp, assigning the dns from Google, the reducing power of the wifi transmitter, change password WPA2, etc. to get rid of the symptoms but not the problems) it was decided to look for equipment more reliable.


Searched two, or rather node

1. The receiving host ADSL, routing and wifi (can be multiple devices)

2. A relay host wifi (repeater)

The bottleneck here in terms of reliability IMHO — the wifi repeater to quickly find a network, when you restart the wifi source out and supported relay wifi with wpa2.

Besides, you may experience compatibility problems between the source (access point) and a wifi repeater (in theory all should be OK, but in practice there are annoying glitches).

So we turn to you for advice — maybe there was one positive experience with a pair of access point+repeater, so reliable, and functional, and not too gemorno to set up.

The number of computers in the network in region 1 dozen
Mandatory encryption wifi wpa2

ADSL modem, router and wifi access point may be different devices

ADSL channel from a stream, but the modem is not necessarily from the list of those who are familiar with their TP (official. supported)

Deliberately not referred to as devices that operate at the moment, suffice it to say that the routers in 2-3 thousand rubles, 2 different well-known companies (not D-link). The budget for both nodes in the amount of up to 10 Tr for example and it should be a separate device (don't need to offer to put an extra system unit).
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As wifi router can recommend Ossowski wl500gP — Linux fairly powerful piece of hardware with lots of optimized firmware, in fact, in addition to routing, to make it serve as filipovici, mail server and many more than.
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Personally, I would have thought
1) ADSL modem — any
2) Two access points, flash DD-WRT (ASUS WL500, D-Link DIR-300/120), enable WDS.
About WPA2 will not say, but on the basis of WDS DD-WRT we used, there were no problems.

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