After migrating from apache to nginx+php-fpm started a strange problem for a particular user. What could be the problem?

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Welcome! Faced with very interesting problem. After switching to nginx +php-fpm have only one user having problems with the project. For many of his actions, the server responds:
NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error
In the logs nothing is written.
At random one of the problems (loading map) was solved. In the code
<? foreach ($map as &$hex) : ?>... <? endforeach; unset($hex); ?>
if you remove the pointer, then the 500 error is gone.
But other actions still give error 500.
I repeat that a problem only with one user, all other project works without problems.

On the local server with Apache for this particular user everything works like clockwork.
Sin on some strange errors with memory in php-fpm.

What could it be?
Thanks in advance.
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what says phpinfo() about display_errors?
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Turn on logging of php-fpm and read its log. Turn on lakirovanie in nginx with debug mode, and read it. Had a similar problem because of the expansion of FireFox FirePHP, referred very large headers in the response and the server responded with an error. Cookies have nothing to do with, was guilty of the useragent (in this sletta text FirePHP, so the extension works), so try to connect from the console using curl, for example, read the logs, see headers.
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Login the user accidentally something like "';DROP TABLE "? :)
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Thank you all. In codeigniter there is a logging error, I somehow hoped for him.
But the errore type Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 78 bytes)
remained in oblivion.
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