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Sokraschatel links that can change

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Is there sokraschatel links with the ability to change links?

For example, today leads to and tomorrow I could change to

Don't want to buy separate domain and hosting. Can it be done with DynDNS + amazon? Where can I see an example?

What else can be the options?
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2 Answers

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Yeah, maybe, but on the other hand, nothing prevents me to do it on your own hosting. Understand that there is a question about the purpose of the hammer. And the question turns from "today you are a nail hammered, and tomorrow head someone smashed" :) But still need a hammer for hammering nails.
Buy hosting and domain no desire. Perhaps there is any free hosting where you can put even .htaccess, and you can bind DynDNS.
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Google URL Shortener for your domain
That's just DynDNS-ovsky the domain to connect it will fail because they have a very stripped down admin panel (free version) and Google need to create some sort (And if I'm not mistaken) with a particular record contents to verify ownership of the domain to you.

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