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The question of the application architecture, a bunch of C++ (back-end) and Perl (web front-end)

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The idea to write a game. Due to its specificity, namely the need to use it not only as an online game, but as a desktop game, it was decided basic to write the engine in C++.

The web frontend will most likely be written in Perl. Generally speaking, as I understand it, to the point, what language is the web programming will be used, does not apply.

Question, actually: how to organize a bunch of engine written in C++ and web front-end written in Perl?

I must say that the experience I have virtually no and I took it just to gain. Well, just for fun, of course. So, I can think of while system calls and API and parse whatever comes in STDIN, etc. But I suspect there's a better way.

Or need some clarifications? I would be grateful for any advice.
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2 Answers

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Use something like xmlrpc, jsonrpc, soap?
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Like, what prevents to take C# ASP.NET MVC, getting approximately the same performance, but getting rid of the pile of problems?

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