Squeeze all the juice out of the VPN on the Linksys WRT54GL?

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Hi all.

Recently caught myself thinking that after connecting to the Internet via the aforementioned router for the L2TP download speed is not higher than 10 Mbit/sec from 25Мбит/h possible.

If you connect the computer without the router — all is well, and speed available (25Мбит/sec).

The router is Linksys WRT54GL with native IOS, the latest version.

I tried to put Tomato — did not notice any speed changes, but the router periodically began to hang out. With DD-WRT something similar was observed.

Is there a possibility to squeeze more speed from my router?
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2 Answers

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Do not torture the pensioner will buy a new router.
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I imagine Apple Airport Express I bought on ebay, refurbished, and there's tons of them on sale, and factory refurbished.
Price$ 40 to $ 45 plus shipping, ~80 meet.
For comparison, in Russia new such are 4-5тыр.

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