Choice Card "Pro" series entry level?

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Is such a selection of video cards. I have a mediocre 3d and run 3d editors occasionally for a specific purpose, as a rule, render any model. Now the question arose to abandon the game HD from ATI and pick up something more serious.

In fact can anyone, advise? I am more inclined to ATI/AMD FirePro V4800, but I was tormented by the CUDA from nVidia, but coming at the price of the cards made by 65 process technology, have less and a smaller amount of memory and a large heat dissipation. All the charm of CUDA will cover these shortcomings?

Thanks in advance
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This option will not work?
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Why GeForce GTX 480 not to take then too? like the difference in money is not so big, but the power difference will be significant enough...

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