The problem with the display MacBook Pro. Has anyone tried to treat?

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I have a MacBook Pro 15" model A1226

Takayazhe problem as the video:

If you squeeze the frame with your fingers right at the place where the gray area starts, the problem disappears and in the process does not appear (somewhere there is a contact vidimi). Appears again after close/open laptop, but not always.

PRAM reset did not helped...

PTS want to hear the opinions of people and our service will immediately start to change everything starting from the motherboard, video card, screen and finishing with all buck.

Anyone faced with such problem and knows as to treat?
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3 Answers

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maybe poor soldering (because once you pressed — contact re-appears), I assume that skills in the repair of laptops You have, so that still without the SC does not do
I have a problem on the telephone after he plummeted — was resolved by replacing the display changed good friend, money for a replacement did not take over the display I went to another office, so his vested interest is excluded:)
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Here I want to find out this matrix or can train? I do not want$ 200 to change the matrix and not to fix the problem
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If so, then IMHO by far the plume, or rather his rations... it Was like that on another laptop...

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