What are the alternatives webim.ru?

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What are the alternatives webim.ru? Immediately found in Google don't like the interface or technical capabilities. Particularly interested in opensource counterparts.
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www.jivosite.ru/ Here, put, tried, like anything. Up to 5 operators for free.
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livezilla like.
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mibew.org. If I'm not mistaken, that mibew was once full opensource analog of webim. However, I have not followed the development of these projects.
the list of Online communication with visitors on habré.
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view our service www.spexe.com
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Can try web caliper in the system of MyChat. He is even in the free version, though It is a commercial product. All made quite convenient, though less opportunity, when compared with the above analogues. But it's free :)
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The system is totally free for sites with a small attendance!

The main functions of the chat:

- Work with any number of websites and subdomains
- Monitoring of website visitors in real time
- Detailed information about the visitor
- A complete history of correspondence and visitation for any period of time
- System involvement in dialogue and active call visitor
- Send links and files
Templates quick messages and auto-fit
- The ability to see text messages of the visitor before sending (indicator "Spy")
- Voice text input
- Inter-operator chat
Designer window chat
- Special chat box for mobile devices
- Photo operators
- Open API
- Block visitors
- Separation of access rights
- Field editor visitor
- Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metric
- Built-in editor integration with any third-party system CRM, Helpdesk and ERP
- Schedule operators
- Capture leads via offline form
- Reporting and export to .csv
- Free mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone

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