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Attention! Adding Skype c WebMoney, you are likely to throw money away. Who is to blame and what to do?

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At first I wanted to place the text below in the blog "I'm angry", but because my "slovakenlineabasadoen" only 1 instead of 5, is forced to post here, but with relying question that everything was according to Protocol.

IP telephony is undoubtedly a wonderful thing, because here every habrachelovek (and, characteristically, not only) has the ability to make calls over long distances for ridiculous money, making its modest contribution to a charitable cause — the fight against windmills monopolists cellular and other telecommunications firms. And despite the fact that on Habre often allowed the rays of hatred towards Skype, they say, and the Protocol they have closed, proprietary, and customers are practically no alternative, and the official is not to say that was perfect, and the implementation of offline messages, let's say, a little controversial, etc., etc., but, basically, it's nitpicking and a matter of taste. Skype it does not interfere well function as a means of IP-telephony. However, as it turned out, there is one caveat, definitely unpleasant: it turns out that there is a possibility that when funding the Skype account with WebMoney, the money, like pigs in the notorious history of jumping out of the train on the move, can get lost along the way, and Skype and WebMoney will be to shift the blame for the incident on each other that much more unpleasant the fact of loss of money. But about all under the order.

It was getting dark. It took me to make a call on long distance. Naturally, for this purpose decided to use good and proven tool — Skype. However, when you try to Deposit it in their blood, popped up the error message and that payment is not made. "Not a problem" — I thought — "if payment is not made, the money must still be on my account. Because the payment is not made". As it is not so.

The first wave of surprise overtook me when I noticed that the money from the purse still appeared. "WTF?!!" — I thought. Meanwhile, in the mail to me "fell" optimistic letter follows:

Hello, %username%!
Problems with the payment
Unfortunately, your payment failed. But no reason to worry as your card or account had not been translated.
Information about your order:
Skype name: %userlogin%
The amount to be paid: %usermoney% USD
Payment date: 10.11.2010
Number: 424379370
Order status: Rejected
Why has my payment been declined?
Unfortunately, your Bank has refused to carry out this operation. For more information, please contact your Bank.
What do I do?
We recommend you to use PayPal – simple and fast method of payment via the Internet or other method of payment, such as credit or debit cards, Moneybookers, regular Bank transfer or vouchers. Cm. the list of ways of paying for Skype products.

See you soon!
Your Skype

"Hmm." — I thought. And, as recommended in the letter, he decided to go to the Bank, or rather in support WebMoney. Wrote them a letter which explained the situation, attach a letter from Skype and screenshots of transaction history Keeper. Sent a letter, and with a calm mind and a clear conscience went to sleep, but it is on their own initiative. The answer of the support is not long to wait:

The funds transferred to the wallet Z390837512186.
Please refer to the owner of the purse by internal mail WM.

"Fine," I thought as I naively tried to write a message to the owner of the specified wallet using the specified tools. Of course, I propose to request authorization to send the message. Request. There is no reaction. Accordingly, to write a message I can't. Write back to support WM in stating the problem. Their wonderful response again was not long in coming:

Sorry we not help able.

"#@#$%#@ @#[email protected]#$ @#[email protected]#[email protected]#$!!!" — I thought, and climbed the all-knowing Google, which sense was more than support. Fluent gugleniya showed that in the same way to earn an honest living currency lost I'm not alone (it was, ironically good news, because if the end of the world will come someday, and all will die, it will not hurt, because everyone dies): the thread on the official forum where unsubscribed a few casualties (I think there were a few more, just unsubscribed, not all.). The bad news was that the money are not returned, and WM and Skype blaming each other and, by and large, ignore their own customers.

Unsubscribed in a support WM indicating of this thread and a request to take sanctions against the party taking the payment, so they finally began to solve the problem. Stocked up on popcorn.

And Yes. Question: who is guilty and what to do?
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Nakataya a complaint for arbitration with a detailed description of what happened. Can't remember what it's called... Claims like, reviews — those that are visible to all participants upon payment.
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So purse the official sipovsky? And then maybe you're just the middleman kidanul.

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