Ubuntu ban on visiting certain sites?

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As I understand it (via the "Windows" experience) this can be done by adjusting the hosts file.

In /etc/ are three file hosts, hosts.deny and hosts.allow

I can't save the file, no rights.

And another thing, I can not understand why in the line three entries, not two as in Windows
[internet address] [domain name] [alias] vkontakte.ru will be enough? or hvatit records vkontakte.ru in the file hosts.deny?
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"Unable to save file" — because it must be done via sudo:
sudo gedit /etc/hosts
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Google to begin with though, and. you did everything on the head set, these files govern access To the system.
the utility Willow
0 like 0 dislike vkontakte.ru the hosts will be enough, the third parameter allows to use a single address for many hosts: vkontakte.ru vk.com odnoklassniki.ru... In Windows it too should work technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727005.aspx#EDAA:
A single entry consists of an IP (IPv4 or IPv6) address and one or more host names. Although, IMHO, use NS to block access to it as a hole with an ax to dig :)
record ALL: vkontacte.ru in hosts.deny will deny access to your computer from the server vkontakte.ru if they often you are bursting, then enter :)
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> vkontakte.ru does not work, and www.vkontakte.ru Yes )
are different domains.
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