Translation service Xliff?

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Good day!

I have xliff containing strings of a certain flash drive that I need translated into four languages. Translation will do employees in four foreign offices, I coordinate the project. I really wish that the translation was online, but a little concerned about the issue of confidentiality.
Attention, question: what is the application you need to install on our servers? I read about pootle, but it requires a dozen different pre-requisites. Maybe there is something simpler? Is there any useful tips for the installation of pootle, and even better — step by step guide for dummies.

Or maybe there are enough reliable ready-made online services for translating xliff?

Thank you! I would be grateful for any advice on the topic.
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I already I feel like a spammer :) but this is the third time we have to mention GlotPtess. Standard application php/mySQL, multiplayer (everyone can suggest translations, and a moderator approves the most suitable), import-export po files.
In action (and partly translated) can be found here.
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all that can gettext.
I don't quite understand about the "standard locale files".
file formats: po/mo, xml.
language standards: they are many and can be supplemented with rules of interpretation for any other.
the product itself is slightly buggy, but workable with a minimum of "integrations".
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