Question on the multi-touch netbook, stylus, and batteries?

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Was going to buy a netbook with touch screen and swivel display.

The choice of two options:

1) Acer Aspire 1825PT

2) Lenovo S10-3t

Now just go and poke both varint.

Interested in your opinion and answers to a few questions:

— In your opinion which option is better? Reliability, quality, performance?

— Linowy there is a model with hybrid batteries(provided 8 hours instead of 4), Russia did not deliver.

Whether these hybrid batteries that threaten and is it worth it to lug the laptop from abroad?

In both cases, the included stylus is not. That drops off because the fingers are not always convenient. Need bulk stylus pens, in the shop say about them if they were only in the red book exist(i.e. the hell will buy). Though one of managerov heard our conversation on the go made these from the packaging from the hard drive =)

I would be grateful for your answers)
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2 Answers

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Acer is no option. My store had both. The Acer more finished look today's best auto-orientation, not like the new Claudia, really long works from the battery. Lenovo is clearly on youth oriented, with its color and shape.
And even at the Acer screen is capacitive and works great, so I don't think you stylus take(except in the winter, gloves, stick).

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