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Sphinx and related tables

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There are 2 signs: the company (company) and address (adress).
Are connected by relation one to many. — ie one company can have multiple addresses.

Each location has coordinates: x, y (stored as float).

Want to find companies, addresses, which are in a certain rectangular area (that is, it is necessary that x and y were within the specified range).

Also required certain restrictions on the company (took them down), so is used to index the plate with the companies, not addresses.

That's exactly what will not work:
— sql_attr_multi will not help — it can only work with the types uint, timestamp
— sql_joined_field only works with text.

It remains only to cut off x,y 3-4 characters and translate them to integer, and then use sql_attr_multi but really don't want to do.

However, is there any alternative way? Sphinx is familiar with 1 day only, so all of its features don't know.
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