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Prompt system for collective translation/localization

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Searched system for collective translation — there are several projects that are loaded for them language files, create the desired direction of translation, and anyone can help translate some lines of text.

* PHP (preferably as the main project for which it all thinks on it)
* good API (since the authorization is private)
* ability to add your own formats
* simplicity (both for users and administrators)

Earlier on habré recommended GlotPress, BUT
* beta
* code — horror: reviews cheeeeeeese little, most of the methods are written in a continuous block (without blank rows) — no desire to modify and maintain it.

Who that will advise?
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Crowdin will fit?
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Might suit gettext ( ), but the possibility of creating ".mo" files with php I have not seen. Maybe someone will give a link to a similar script.
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There's pootle, but it is much more difficult to install.
A GP even in beta is doing what it should.
Code they really a nightmare.
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To create a private translation
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Weblate is written in Python, in my opinion, a good tool has a tight integration with Git, memory, translation, dictionary, integration with automatic translation system, is demo, supports the following formats: Gettext, Qt, Java, Windows, Symbian and then there's the API, but no methods for authentication, only the Hooks of notification, export and RSS feeds. Only fixable disadvantage of the available interface languages there is no Russian.
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