Can I buy your app on the Android market

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Posted the first app in the Android market and immediately tried to buy it — did not work.
When paying with a error: "A server error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen."
Of course no retrai not help. (Supercharged, tried with different connections).
May be not to buy your app? It is important to test whether the purchase of my app at all.
If suddenly someone decides to try (do not consider for advertising, because the application returned during the day):
name uTimetable
QR image

Also I want to ask, has anyone received the money in Russia for sale at AM?

Thank you!

PS I Hope you do not instruct negative rating on the market :)
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Its apparently impossible to buy, try to run the app — the same error that you have. Your app was bought with no problems.

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