To understand how to configure a subnet assigned by the ISP?

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Is deer-100 — plugged cable from ISP. it external Ipshnik 178.49.27.**

Asked provider a second IP he gave

Adress 178.49.137.?0


HostMin: 178.49.137.?1

HostMax: 178.49.137.?2

Broadcast: 178.49.137.?3

In fact, this is the thing to use?

In dir-100 it is possible to disable NAT

The goal is to have two external IP — one IP-phone to dissolve, the other to the local network in the office.

What equipment you need, how to connect, configure how it is possible to do? Configuring networks is simple and other router settings I have a prblem not the cause, and then straight faced the fact that I do not understand how to do it is impossible to find in the Internet wherever accessible written was exactly what I needed.

Thanks in advance.
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3 Answers

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NAT disable is necessary, and should translate it into router mode.
In General, it is easier to put a switch, to stick to his provider cable and two devices on which you want to get these 2 devices and configure them.
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Your task does not quite fit existing equipment
You need And nat (office) and direct routing (for phone)
It will in the best case it would be possible to implement on dir-320 with firmware from ASUS enthusiasts by zapilivanija configuration to the state when the interface is not much to manage the work. Or to put on your existing iron open wrt unless she was willing. Judging by Google — will not allow, but this should clarify further.
The alternative is set up on one machine NAT, when she's the one stuck separate patchcords to your router (in router mode) and this interface will hang a public address room 1, and the phone is also plugged into the router, and will have a public address number 2. All the rest go through the machine with NAT (in her role however could be another dir-100)
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In the router mode will work
Turn Dlink in роутер1, list those on the WAN primary address (which it is now) on the inner — list the address given to you gatway of the grid (you have spelled, for example
In the router stick another router (роутер2) in the NAT, and the phone
On роутере2 enter the WAN address
on the phone —

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