VKontakte. Strange behaviour: bug or virus?

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My wife at the entrance Vkontakte strange message.
I can not understand. Whether it tsepanul laptop tricky worm, whether it is a real message from VC.

When trying to login receive a message about the password hacking and the suggestion about changing.
If you try clicking the link ==how could I hack== wcontactos get on a normal page with the same text.


Not sure I want to experiment with data entry.
As someone who thinks that pink mess? Bug or VIR is naughty?

Thanks in advance.
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3 Answers

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That in hosts?
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Of course, the virus, I don't think the creators of Vkontakte have such horrible taste. Look for the beginning of the hosts file in the system.
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the host didn't notice anything special associated with the VC. Just what Denver has thrown.
But a closer look — it seems to be!
\r custom-host
I must say that I was somewhat confused by the behavior Vira.
If the message is not floated and did not pink — sooo easy to get caught up!
Interestingly, the creators of the virus finished it to the point of indistinguishability?

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