The problem with printing pdf documents?

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the task is: to facilitate the process of goods receiving from suppliers and unload of warehouse employees.

decision: to shift to suppliers the task of titrovaniya a bar code, cargoes which they shipped to us.

implementation: together with information about our needs, we sent a link to a pdf documentt where there is already shaped stickers. stickers are printed on ordinary laser printers on selfglue with logging. here is a picture with this logging.

the problem: when printing acrobat scales any document up to 94% -96%.

this leads to the fact that barcodes are not being read. despite the availability of VERY detailed instructions employees suppliers cannot print undo zoom. the reason — a carelessness.

this is the situation.

I would appreciate recommendations.
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3 Answers

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View help section in Acrobat:
"Create print presets
A PDF can contain a set of print presets, a group of document-specific values that is used to set basic print options. By creating a print preset for a document, you can avoid manually setting certain options in the Print dialog box each time you print the document. It's best to define print settings for a PDF at the time that you create it, but print presets provide a means to add basic print settings to a PDF at any time.
1. Choose File > Properties, and click the Advanced tab.
2. In the Print Dialog Presets section, set the options and click OK.
The next time you open the Print dialog box, the values will be set to the print preset values. These settings are also used when you print individual documents in a PDF Portfolio.
Note: To retain a print preset for a PDF, you must save the PDF after creating the print preset.
Print Dialog Presets
Page Scaling
Prepopulates the Page Scaling option in the Print dialog box with the option you choose:
Uses the application default setting, which is Shrink To Printable Area.
Prevents automatic scaling to fit the printable area. This setting is useful for preserving the scale of page content in engineering documents, or for ensuring that documents print at a particular point size to be legal."
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Give them the layout of the picture?
EPS for the same vectors, TIFF for raster, for example.
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You can do something like this:
Is pdf to link to static html with gif (barcode single figure h/b) and a scriptthat opens onload at 1-1 scale markings and can only poke Print.
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