Tell me how to do the application window is constantly maximized? (completed)

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Lord, tell me what to do.

I have two monitors, assume on a single monitor is enabled in Firefox, and on another I have a Php designer.
I'm very comfortable writing code on one monitor and the other to see how the code works (displays). But here's the thing, if when working in the active window PHP designer — everything works fine, i.e. all my programs are deployed, switching to another monitor where FF is enabled the php designer window is minimized to the taskbar.
The real question is this: How to make so that Php designer has been forced into the expanded state.

Firefox or Php designer is cited for clarity.
The primary monitor where Firefox.

Windows 7 ult.
On windows XP pro — same thing.

Addition: it seems the solution found is software that makes the window on top of other Windows.
Program type: Actual Window Manager, and DeskPins — but they ain't help.
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2 Answers

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Come to mind two variants:
1) expose for the Windows Php designer flag HWND_TOPMOST, i.e. "always on top"
2) don't maximize Windows, and just stretch the entire screen
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Brrr... either I don't understand, either you how strange it works.
I have two Monica and the clip is configured in nVidia mode DualView (or rather even two vidyushki and three Monica, but the essence does not change). Quietly keep deployed three Windows at once on three monitors and quietly switch the activity between them. What do you have for the clip and the mode in which you work?

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