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Good afternoon. Who knows, our organization now puzzled remote education of children with disabilities. Itself distance education is planned for the site running the Moodle engine. Is a centralized standard for distance education.
The Moodle interface is not very intuitive. My idea to hide him behind InstantCMS (or any other). Ie: / / — documentation, all sorts of popular and scientific articles, information on competitions, questions and answers, internal society of the School, etc., and Moodle — the pure lessons and the assignments. And the smaller the student sees a clean Moodle, the better.
At first, it's 2 different site with just 2 databases on the same Hosting.
It's not exactly a crazy idea?
Your advice on the organization of such interaction? For example, I would not double registration.
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So, too, do, but this bunch of road maintenance.
For synchronization of the user database, use the authorization plugin for external DB in Moodle or write a plugin for Oauth2.
The alternative is normally to customize the home page and account in Moodle. If the established capacity is not enough, the system allows many add writing a plugin, without editing the core.

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