Work for the foreign firm or how to make the relationship with the freelancer?

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Good evening! Just say it's not about me, to resolve this issue should be resolved as part of my work. I hope to help people who have experienced this.

I understand that this is not a forum of lawyers (by the way there was no answer), but I hope here to meet people who have experienced this. And according to my observations this issue starts to be interested in the part of freelancers in certain moments of life.


— There is individual. The citizen of the Russian Federation. A regular freelancer.
— There is a customer development/site. A legal entity in Germany.
— From an account in Germany to a physical person sent weekly small sum from 400 to 600 euros per hours of development. The money goes to the account Rayffazenbank open to a natural person.


To legitimize those relationships to the IRS, the service of exchange control and the Bank was satisfied.

— Pay less taxes.
— Spend less time on design.

Possible options

1. To conclude an employment contract between the entities.
2. Register IP the freelancer, and then to conclude the contract on provision of services between entrepreneur and legal entity.
3. A contract between a natural person (a freelancer) and a legal entity (firm) for the provision of paid services, like a contract.
4. To conclude the contract on transfer of non-exclusive copyright intellectual property rights (FOR) and to royaliti.
5. To do nothing, to continue to send and receive money.

So, what to do?
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You put the 2 mutually exclusive conditions, however!
If you want the latter, then once a year make a statement, count your income
pass 3НДФЛ in their tax...
If you need first, then think carefully, is it better to have 6% of revenue or 15%(income-expense).Options. Competent accountant with a strong desire 6% of income reduce to 3(at the expense of payments in pensionnik if I'm not mistaken..)...
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And I would, incidentally, looked first at the side of the employment contract. There are more rate — 13%, but without social payments, reports and pay only once a year (report to April, and paid until 15 July the following year), tax return (plus the first time with the Treaty and the translation into Russian). Plus, if I remember correctly, the documents to write off up to 20 percent of income for expenses (or more, but with documents).
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As I was advised, to optimally register the IP with a simplified taxation system for income (6%), do not forget to specify foreign economic activity (although, maybe, not required)open currency and ruble accounts, sign a contract, get money to the account (if customer cannot/does not want to pay in rubles, that is, to carry out the conversion of your Bank) in the invoices/acts of the executed works (can be in electronic form), instantly sell all the currency to the Bank account (to avoid issues on exchange rate differences, etc.), to pay 6% of the income in rubles (plus UST of some kind), to withdraw cash or transfer on card accounts of physical persons with payment "for own needs"
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also very interesting to read) find things you need to know)
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