Two-way synchronization of data on two servers?

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2 server on FreeBSD (#1 and #2) running rsync'ω, which are in different apartments. Each server has one 500GB hard storing work and personal information.


To do smart sync, which I knew how:
1. When you add/remove/change information on server #1, it should be added/deleted/changed on the server #2.
2. Similarly to item 1 in reverse order.

That's what I did:

On server #2 added in cron the following command:

/usr/local/bin/rsync -avz-e 'ssh -p 22' --partial /hdd/docs/ rsync@78.xx.xx.xx:/hdd/docs/ # from server #1 to server #2
/usr/local/bin/rsync -avz-e 'ssh -p 22' --partial rsync@78.xx.xx.xx:/hdd/docs/ /hdd/docs/ # and Vice versa

The problem arose when I started to add the keys

delete-after Delete files on the slave (#2), which was not found on the master (#1), after synchronization.
You can also use delete-before, delete-during, delete-excluded, and delete.

It turned out that just deleted/changed the first command in the crown file #1 is re-created when you sync #2 to #1 the second team and Vice versa.

Is there a solution?
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I do so:
ESCDIR=$(echo "$DIR" |sed -e "s,\\([]\\(\\).^\\*\\$\\/&[]\\),\\\\\\\\\\1,g") scp-p $DIR/.lastsync $HOST:$DIR ssh $HOST find $DIR/$SUBDIR -newer $DIR/.lastsync | sed -e "s/$ESCDIR\\///" | \\ rsync --exclude-from=- --delete -av $DIR/$SUBDIR $HOST:$DIR rsync --delete -av $HOST:$DIR/$SUBDIR $DIR rsync --delete -av $DIR/$SUBDIR $HOST:$DIR DATE=`date` echo "$DATE finished Syncing" echo "=====================================================" echo "" touch $DIR/.lastsync 

Implies that during during the Cinca files are not changed and the sink is not interrupted. The latter is easy to fix, but the first without a local db can be done.
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So the problem is not that during synchronization, something changes, and that one of the options somehow rolled on the second, even if half of the files have already been removed.

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