How to implement "print presets" in the PDF file?!?

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the essence of the root of the problem here:

most useful was the third answer about the print presets. here is the link:

we use a library of pdf generation does not support the desired functionality.

here is the library:

vskidku there are a few simple solutions to this problem:

1. find another library which can add the required parameters.

2. Refine the library so, to be able to add "print presets"

3. learning to implement in any existing PDF document and default settings of the print dialog "print presets"

I would appreciate recommendations.
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2 Answers

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No special tags in a pdf document will cause the printer to change its (global) print settings.
I suggest you to link documents to the printer trying to scale the document, so that all elements fit in the print area.
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Again, are you? ) Maybe this will help —

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