Is there a tool that will allow the local server to migrate users to a domain?

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There is a member server on Windows 2008 R2. There are a lot of users.

The task to migrate a list of users with passwords in a domain on the domain controller under Windows 2003 EE.
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I have 1 domain.
Task: in the domain of the local server to migrate users.
There is an option that the server where all domain users to elevate. The idea is there to pull all local users. Then put the second controller. Give him the role of principal. The first can be left as a reserve. This is all in theory — in practice I have not tried and probably won't.
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I'm not strong in this question, but saw comrades wrote scripts, discharging lists of users from the domain/servers and scripts, creating domain users from the list. Passwords, drag and drop will not work, as I understand it, have all to lose on some, forcing him to change at first login. Seen ready-made scripts
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Try to configure constrained delegation across domains. I did not set up even once, because they are not faced with this challenge, so I can only throw a link to in the hope that it will help

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