Development environment interactinos structural diagram of the APCS?

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There are complex control systems. About a hundred functional racks, about 40 km of cable.

The challenge is to develop a detailed structural diagram of a system for staff training.

  • nice rich graphics
  • interactivity — drop-down blocks with explanations or substructures
  • accessible viewing for the inexperienced user
  • viewing Windows


the possibility of organizing a multi-level hierarchical structure. That is, the overall structure, detailed structure, the structure of power, the breaking on space and other.

The obvious solution might be Adobe Flash.

May be something else that would be worth to consider
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Means the same Visio enough?
There you can do interactive communication between objects, leaves, etc.
Exports result in the same PDF...
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The best way to describe ASU — to use tools for their design. For example — TRACE MODE

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